Darrick C. Rizzo

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

As the owner of Rizzo Productions, Darrick Rizzo helps many high school athletes prepare to make their college dreams come true. He understands the importance of networking and never misses a chance to make connections. While on the job, Darrick once met the Chief of Security of the Baltimore Ravens and tucked his business card into his pocket.Years later, when he needed a foreword for his dramatic new book, The Open Adoption, that card would lead Darrick to connect with Michael Oher, NFL Super Bowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens and featured in the film,The Blind Side. Apart from meeting the champion offensive tackle, and sharing his inspiring story, Darrick also proved the importance of the mantra he now shares with students all across the country:

“First you must find COURAGE, then you must accept CHANGE, now you are ready to NETWORK, but always know OBSTACLES will come along During your JOURNEY TO SUCCESS.”

In addition to helping high school student athletes connect with college coaches through Rizzo Productions, and writing his own book Darrick is also the founder of Where You At Now, a movement created to motivate communities and individuals to be successful and to challenge themselves to live up to their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Darrick’s strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to venture into the nutritional supplement industry creating his own energy drink called BE-Positive.  In both his professional and personal life, Darrick's mission is focused on the promotion of personal growth and positive thinking. 

From his early years, in a rough Brooklyn, New York neighborhood, to his adolescence spent in a small Pennsylvania town, Darrick learned the value of family connections too. His sister was gunned down in a senseless killing, leaving her young family motherless. Later, as a freshman in college majoring in Sociology, Darrick was forced to give his own baby boy up for an Open Adoption that turned into a nightmare of deception. Instead of letting tragedy tear him down, Darrick looks to these experiences for inspiration.

Now a successful businessman, father, mentor and community leader, Darrick pays it forward by speaking out and motivating others. With Rizzo Productions, he facilitates new connections between parents, high school athletes and college coaches making sure the athletes put their best foot forward with video portfolios. Slam Magazine called Darrick Rizzo "The Kobe Bryant stopper" holding Kobe to his lowest high school basketball game, a total of 8 points. For the past thirteen years, Darrick has also worked with programs like My Brothers Keeper and Big Brother as a drug and alcohol mentor for troubled youth. All these experiences have inspired Darrick to become a Motivational and Transformation Speaker, empowering others to overcome obstacles and find success. Darrick understands the power of positive thinking and is grateful to be able to share this understanding with thousands of students and faculty at high schools and colleges. Darrick knows no matter what’s going on, there’s nothing you can’t handle. Everything is possible. You can turn your pain into something positive. Join him in his outspoken and jubilant slogan: